Quality Assurance

Keep focusing on quality

Quality is the soul of EasternPole.
Completed quality system and high sense for quality and responsibility are the premise of the cooperation between EasternPole and the suppliers. In addition to the quality control system of factories, EasternPole also has its own strict quality standard and quality technicians, who will be responsible for following up the production of every order.

QC team, composed of professional technicians, is in charge of quality control and production tracking. Each production procedure will be checked by them. And a final spot inspection will be done by them. All goods can not be released to port without our QC's sign and approval.

For ordered items, we will keep at least two approval samples. One is for production reference and the other one for inspection. The mass production must be with same quality with approval samples. Our sales team will have a production meeting with factory before production to explain the customer’s requests together with QC. And during production, our QC will personally check the quality on line and approve for next procedure for some special workmanships. And our sales team sometimes does this together with QC. Some printing colors will be approved by our sales team before mass production.

Besides, we also do functional test and shipping test. We simulate end users of finished products to ensure quality. We test the weight loading capacity, the tearing strength etc. We study the transportation effects on the products to make sure the goods will be in good condition when being shipped.